Celebrating the 10th anniversary
Shenzhen Gasage Technology Co.,Ltd : Celebrating the 10th anniversary and looking to the next decade
The past,  present,  future of computer accessories living.
Shenzhen Gasage Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2004,On August 1. Next year 2014,  we will celebrating our 10th anniversary as a computer accessories manufacturer. Our success to date has been thanks to the support of our customers and hard working staffs.

The Past
In the past ten years, Shenzhen Gasage Technology Co.,Ltd has devoted their life to work and  make company larger and larger. We adhered the belief of "To be innovative ,to be authentic "; we fully understand the value of human and we respect our client,our staff and our competitor; we built our reputation and fame from our clients and society. 10 years of ups and downs, the decade of the difficult journey, Shenzhen Gasage Technology achievements can obtain the support and trust of today's result has always been inseparable from our customers, is also inseparable from the the Gasage staffs hard working and selfless giving. Gasage here has been to support our customers and all employees of Gasage with heart-felt say: thank you, without your without Gasage today ! Gasage would later work harder to do better.

The Present
In the coming 2014,Gasage’s achievement is indicate our effort has becomming the big progress, also it symbolizes a new begining. We inspired each other and we were full of passion and enthusiasm.

The Future Of Computer Accessories Living 
Going forward, we plan to capitalize on our accumulated technology and expertise to improve our ability to deliver advanced products. We will continue to be a front runner in the computer accessories industry. Coming together as a company in pursuit of common goals “to be passion, to be innovative, to be authentic”. We believe the next ten years will be a decade of advancement for   Shenzhen Gasage Technology Co.,Ltd.