Products > Universal Laptop Adapter 45W Ultra Slim Universal Laptop AC Adapter With USB/LCD (B)


· Model: USN45UDB
· Power: 45W
· Input: AC 100~240V 1A (50~60Hz)
· Output: 9.5V / 10.5V / 12V / 16V / 19V / 19.5V / 20V (45W Max)
· USB output: 5V 2.1A (10.5W Max)
· Mainbody dimention: 103*64*18mm (L*W*H)
· Net weight: 190G
· Black colour


· 103*64*18mm ultra slim design.
· Double chipset innovation provides constant true voltage automatically with low consumption.
· Built with overcurrent protection,overvoltage protection,over temperature protection and short circuit protection.
· Innovative connectors design provides required voltages and polarity.
· More than 16 types of removeable connectors for option,can fit most of Laptop/Netbook/Tablet PC.
· Colourful LCD display show the output voltage and working information.
· 5V 2.1A USB output fit for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Tablet PC , Mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PSP, Digital camera, GPS, etc.

Click here to check the connector specifications list:

E1 9.5V (45W Max) 4.8*1.7*12mm    Asus:9.5V/2.315A etc.
E2 10.5V (45W Max) 4.8*1.7*12mm    Sony:10.5V/1.9A,10.5V/2.9A etc.
E3 12V (45W Max) 4.8*1.7*12mm    Asus:12V/3A etc.
E4 19V (45W Max) 4.0*1.7*12mm    HP:19V/1.58A etc.
E5 19V(45W Max) 5.5*1.7*12mm    Acer:19V/1.58A;    Dell: 19V/1.58A etc.
E6 19V(45W Max) 5.5*3.0*12mm    Samsung:19V/2.1A etc.
E7 19V(45W Max) 2.5*0.7*10mm    Asus:19V/2.1A etc.
E8 20V(45W Max) 5.5*2.5*12mm    Lenovo:20V/2A etc. 
E9 19V(45W Max) 5.5*2.5*12mm    Toshiba:19V/1.58A, 19V/2.1A etc.
E10 19.5V (45W Max) 4.0*1.7*12mm Bullet    HP:19.5V/2.05A etc.
E11 19V (45W Max) 3.0*1.0*10mm    Samsung:19V/2.1A;    Asus: 19V/2.35A etc.
E12 16V (45W Max) 6.5*4.4*10mm    Fujitsu:16V/2.5A etc.
E13 19.5V (45W Max) 4.5*3.0*10mm
Chip inside
   Dell:19.5V/2.31A etc.
E14 20V (45W Max) Square 11*4.5*11mm    Lenovo:20V 2.25A etc.
E15 19.5V (45W Max) 4.5*3.0*12mm Blue tip    HP Envy:19.5V/2.31A etc.
E16 19V (45W Max) 4.0*1.35*10mm    Asus:19V/2.37A etc.